Very sad!!! "Pan Phet" Thai boxer got elbow-head hit on the stage. Passed away peacefully.

After Thai boxing match, the program "Fighter X" last Friday, July 15, 2565 at the Air Force Youth Boxing Arena between Panphet Padungchai Muay Thai and Anthony TFC French boxing. An unexpected incident happened when Anthony disarmed his elbow back to the stage. Anphet lost consciousness and hit his head against the stage.

From such an incident, Panphet was taken to B Care Hospital. He reported that he had a brain hemorrhoge and had to be operated. Even though it went well, he still had to use a ventilator.

While Panphet's family consulted with the care physician before deciding to stop the treatment so that Panphet passed away peacefully on 18 July 2017 amidst family grief.

All of these are efforts from the organizers, including the Air Force boxing arena. They are looking for ways to help Panphet's family.


20/07/2022 11:12:29


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