A third division match in Thailand between Bangkok FC and North Bangkok University witnessed a shocking violent attack at the weekend.

Bangkok FC's Aitsaret Noichaiboon struck opposing player Supasan Ruangsuphanimit just below his right eye with a sickening Muay Thai elbow.

The incident occurred in added time with Ruangsuphanimit's North Bangkok University leading 3-0.

With the ball running out for a throw-in Ruangsuphanimit, wearing a blue jersey with 33 on the back, appeared to deliberately trip Noichaiboon, whose revenge was quick and excessive.

Within six seconds Ruangsuphanimit was laid out on the floor and his club later revealed that he required 24 stitches in hospital.

Noichaiboon, who was wearing a red no.6 shirt, was sent off and will not play for Bangkok FC again after the club decided to fire him.

"Bangkok FC would like to take a stand and not support the action," a statement read.

"The club has cancelled the contract of the player.

"The club would like to express our condolences for the incident and will do everything possible to stop this happening again."

On Ruangsuphanimit, a North Bangkok University spokesperson said: "He has undergone a physical examination at Bangpakok-Rangsit 2 Hospital after player No 6 of the Bangkok FC club intentionally attacked his face.

"After seeing a doctor they found that the upper lip area has a severe wound. The doctor therefore sewed a total of 24 stitches to cover the wound.

"The club will provide care and responsibility."

The barbaric attack ruined what had been an excellent day for North Bangkok University, who have now won five games in a row.


16/03/2022 18:00:19


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