World famous Thai brand Fairtex to announce a partnership with Cage Warriors. Fairtex will be supplying gloves and equipment to the organization.

The British Mixed Martial Arts promotion started in the UK in 2002. The organization has hosted 122 shows and is broadcast on UFC Fight Pass. Athletes from all over the world have competed in its cage.

“Over the past 10 years, we've kind of kept the professional scene alive across the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, and certain countries,” CEO Graham Boylan said.

Cage Warriors has been a pioneer in keeping athletes safe. It has been a founding member of Safe MMA. Safe MMA is a voluntary organization that helps protect athletes during their careers.


With Graham Boylan a driving force, Cage Warriors is looking to expand into the United States with three events before the end of the year. The bouts will be small scale but high end.

“We’re going to start developing the pro MMA scene in the Southern California region,” Boylan said. He plans to have an August 1st show on the waterfront of the coastal state.

Fairtex and Boylan are excited to get athletes into Fairtex gloves.

“We believe they are the best gloves on the planet. We’re looking forward to having Fairtex on board for 2021,” Boylan said.

Along with the US shows, Cage Warrior will have events in the UK. They project to have seven or eight events before the end of the year. They hope to ramp up the number of shows to 18 – 24 with a mix of cards in the US and UK.

31/05/2021 15:41:21


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