Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn born December 27, 1961 as Charin Sorndee is a Thai former lightweight Muay Thai kickboxer and undefeated Lumpinee Stadium champion.

He is famous as the best knee fighter and one of the greats of Golden Age Muay Thai in the 80's in Thailand.

According to the Thai tradition, his first fighting name was Dieselnoi Sor Banchongsak, named in the honor of his first gym. After 4–5 bouts, he changed camp and fought under the name.

Dieselnoi (Little Diesel, his height is 188 cm.) was born in Tambon Huakoon, Nakhon Luang, Ayutthaya province. He started practicing Muay Thai at the age of 13.


In 1981, Dieselnoi fought Koapong Sittichuchai and won the Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight (135 lbs) championship title.

It was their third meeting after one knock out win each in their previous fights. Due to a lack of challengers he would remain idle for 15 months.


Then on December 24th 1982, Dieselnoi fought Samart Payakaroon meeting at catch weight 132 lbs in a superfight. He outscored the 1981 Fighter of the Year Samart with his trademark knee attacks. It was one of the biggest muaythai fights in 1980's with Samart taking a purse of 350,000 and Dieselnoi a purse of 400,000 baht, a record at the time.

Dieselnoi was awarded the prestigious Sports Writer's 1982 Fighter of the Year Award. Dieselnoi reigned over the lightweight division for 17 more months without any challengers.

On June 7th he faced Sagat Petchyindee at Rajadamnern Stadium at catch weight (132 lbs). It was again Dieselnoi's overpowering knee strikes that won him the bout.

Then Dieselnoi would fly to America and face the American kickboxer John Moncayo, who was given a 5 kg advantage on the scale, in a modified rules fight (no elbows). Dieselnoi was victorious.

When he returned to Thailand he then faced Sagat a second time, on October 6th, 1984 in Ubon Ratchthani, winning on points again. Dieselnoi's final two fights were vs Krongsak Prakong-Boranrat. They would fight to a draw at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok on August 8th, 1985, and then Dieselnoi would beat him on points on November 12th, 1985 at Lumpinee Stadium. Both fights at 132 lbs.

After being the champion for four consecutive years he was eventually stripped from his 135 lb Lumpinee title and forced to retire because there was nobody in the weight division left to contest the belt.

Dieselnoi is now 59 years old. He works as a trainer for Habaran Gym.

Titles and accomplishments:

Lumpinee Stadium:
1981 Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight champion

World Free-style Martial Arts:
1982 WFMA 135 lbs Champion

Sports Writers Association of Thailand:
1982 Fight of the Year (vs Samart Payakaroon)
1983 Fight of the Year (vs Sagat Petchyindee)
1984 Fight of the Year (vs Krongsak Prakong-Boranrat)

1982 King's Fighter of the Year
Siam Kela Muay Thai Hall of Fame.

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