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Designed for Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Made of premium "Micro Fiber", which is durable, flexible and odorless

The dummy can be positioned in a perfect sit-down posture, making it ideal for BJJ drills

Excellent for many BJJ and MMA drills such as guard, guard passing, sweep, submission, control, ground and pound and, attack.

The latest version adds toes and hands for better practice all leg locks, wrist locks and toe holds

Unique design of shoulder system and chin gives the perfect feeling of training with a real human

Designed to be filled easily at home.


Height = 190 cm.
Neck = 42 cm.
Shoulder = 120 cm.
Chest = 87 cm.
Waist = 90 cm.
Hip = 110 cm.
Weight After Filled = 30-32 kgs

Dummy Comes with 2 Empty Sand Bags for Filling His Shin. Approximate Weight After Fill is 31 kgs. 

Shoulder System Designed by Fairtex to Realistically Perform Triangle Chokes, Arm Bars and Arm Triangles and Drill them Over and Over Full Strength without Requiring a Training Partner.

Maddox Can Sit and Stay on His Leg, The leg Can Stretch Out, Half Guard, De La Riva, X-Guard Drill is Possible. Strong Base With Sand Filled Up 1/2 of Leg.

The Neck is Designed to Support You to Do Guillotine, D'arce Choke and Anaconda Choke etc
Just Like You Do It on The Real Human

Good for All Kind of Controls Like:
Side Mount, Full Mount, North South and Back Control.
Suitable for All MMA/BJJ Positions. Great for Drilling or Practising at Home.
Hands Full Already. Head Full Already. Feets Full Already Also.

Made in Thailand.

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