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Muaythainet was founded in 2012.  

Muaythainet is offers high-quality muay thai equipment, we are offering an extensive assortment of authentic thai boxing gear from the epicenter of Muay Thai Thailand.


Is to be recognized by our customers as the top 5 muay thai shop specialty omni-channel retailer that serves and inspires athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to achieve their personal best through the relentless improvement.

We provide a full-line product offering in muay thai equipment. Our product mix includes boxing gloves, shinguards, boxing headgear, heavy bags, thai pads, focus mitts, bag and MMA gloves, thai shorts, t-shirts thai boxing, ankle support, elbow protectection, boxing wraps, etc.

Please feel free to contact us via email at infomuaynet@gmail.com or by phone, if you have any questions or would like pricing on a particular item.


Our motto at Muaythainet is Best Quality… Low Prices. That is what we do everyday, give our customers the choice of the muay thai brands that they want at the lowest prices possible. 

In our store You will find Hot Deals and Sport Values at prices that may be too low to advertise.

We are committed to providing a convenient and compelling shopping experience for the athlete and fighters. We work with our customers, and try to anticipate the needs of our customers.


We offer only the highest quality merchandise from the top brands in thai boxing.

We carry only the best brands from Fairtex, Top King, Twins Special, Windy, Yokkao, Muay Thai, NationMan, Lumpinee, Born to Be, TUFF, Raja, Boon, Sandee, Thaismai, Action Zone.


We know that sometimes priorities need to be changed to address a specific problem a customer is having, and we try to be flexible as much as humanly possible. Servicing the customer is how we have successfully built our business and have managed to remain in business this long. See more of our top stories on Facebook. 


We provide fast one on one friendly customer service. Try it…send us a message and see how quickly we reply!

We ship locally using Thai Post (Air Mail) so your product will always arrive extra fast and delivery will be reliable.

We offer exchanges and refunds if something doesn’t fit or isn’t the right product for you.
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